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It wasn’t that long ago that professions which recognized the powerful mind-body-spirit connection showed little interest in crossing the intellectual and spiritual divides which defined their approach. In just a few decades, a new vision of integrative, holistic health took hold, and companies like Expert Link began drawing real connections between disciplines by hiring experts in the fields of intuitive and spiritual counseling, energy work, psychology, and most recently psychotherapy.

We’ve created this section of our site to highlight information and resources we’ve created or curated to be of benefit to our individual Advisor communities. We encourage your comments and perspectives, and welcome submissions of original content for publication.

Recasting Anxiety as a Gift

In our work at Expert Link, we often find that our clients blame anxiety for their fear and uncertainty in life. Regardless of our approach, be it metaphysical, coaching or therapeutic, there are common themes that cross disciplines and enable us to provide guidance and support.

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Handling the Inner Critic

Almost everyone has an inner critic, or an internal voice that questions and judges their thoughts, actions and even inactions. While some people have a healthy relationship with their inner critic, others feel constant anxiety, shame or doubt form the constant criticism. While it’s difficult to silence the critic completely, there are ways to cope with it. You can help clients take their lives in a positive direction by making peace with their inner critic.

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